Hacettepe University Journal of Turkish Studies as a Foreign Language
Institute of Turkish Studies
Aim & Scope & Evaluation

Aim and Scope

Hacettepe University Journal of Turkish Studies as a Foreign Language, which has been published since 2014 Summer term, is a refereed, periodic and local journal. The aim of the Journal is to encourage the studies in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language and share the results and the discussed-created methods of the scientific works with the science environment in a very short time. The Journal whose abbreviation is HUYDOTAD, published once a year as  Fall issue.


The articles to be sent for publishing which are approved as a result of the pre-assessment of the Editorial Board are submitted to two referees who are the experts of their subjects, in order to be analysed and reported. In the case that the two reports are found to be positive, the article is accepted to the journal; if one of the reports is negative, a third expert’s opinion is asked for. Those articles which have two negative reports are not accepted to the journal. The authors are expected to take the criticism, evaluation and advice of the Editorial Board and the experts into consideration; however, the authors have the right to analyse the reports and declare their own points of view. Whether the articles that have been sent to the journal are published or not, they are not returned. The responsibility of the opinions in the articles published belongs to the authors.